Opportunities for graduate students:

We are looking for highly motivated graduate students to join our group. If you are considering joining the University of Chicago graduate program, please consult the Division of the physical sciences web-page or Department of Chemistry page to obtain detailed information about admission procedures and requirements.   

Opportunities for postdoctoral scholars:

The Luping Yu group seeks postdoctoral researchers with varied backgrounds in chemistry, physics, and materials science, and offers the opportunity to flourish in an interdisciplinary environment.

  • Design and synthesis of functional materials.  This position is suited for scientists with critical thinking and ability to design, synthesize, and characterize molecules/polymers with a set of specific properties (optical, electronic, morphological, biocompatibility, etc.)  Extensive experience in organic synthesis is required, including transition metal catalyzed reactions and polymerization reactions; good understanding of standard characterization methods such as NMR, UV/Vis and IR spectroscopy, MS and others. Previous experience with GPC, MALDI, TEM, AFM/STM and cyclic voltammetry is a plus. 
  • Physical characterization of functional materials.  We are seeking scientists with strong backgrounds in physical chemistry and material characterization to work either on our organic solar cell project, or on the study of charge transport through molecular electronic components.  A strong background in physics/physical chemistry and a deep understanding of the physical processes and the mechanisms involved in organic electronic materials is required. Broad background in surface characterization including contact angle measurements, FTIR, XPS is expected; while for the molecular electronics project, extensive experience with AFM/STM break-junction techniques and theoretical simulation are required.  

To be considered for a position please send your CV, list of publications and references contacts via email to Prof. Luping Yu (lupingyu@uchicago.edu).